Meet the founders

BAXUS is the brain child of a seasoned whiskey collector and trader, and a Columbia-trained software engineer; but you can just call then Todd and Carrie. Read more about them below.

Todd Wiesel

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Todd Wiesel is a seasoned whisky trader, investor, and consultant. After serving in the Israeli military, Todd returned to the United States where he served as Managing Director for the Negotiation Institute. Todd earned a Bachelors from Columbia University and an MBA from London Metropolitan University. Todd has consulted for numerous spirits and RTD brands with a primary focus on Independent Bottlers. He successfully oversaw the global launch of DS Tayman, an independent bottler of Scottish single-malt whisky. Prior to launching BAXUS, Todd worked as an international cask broker and trader for Dalkeith Brokerage, where he launched their fine and rare bottle division, sourcing the rarest wines and spirits for ultra-high net worth individuals, investors, and funds. After leaving Dalkeith, Todd opened GW Barrel Co. a private placement fund focused on investing in bottles and casks. In 2021, Todd founded BAXUS to revolutionize the way in which the world trades tangible assets across the blockchain.

Carrie Kellar

Carrie Kellar, co-founder and CTO of Baxus

Carrie Kellar is the co-founder and CTO of BAXUS. She has a BA and MSc in computer science with a specialization in machine learning from Columbia University. She comes to BAXUS with experience both in finance and tech. Carrie previously worked for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce on the Interest Rate Derivatives desk before transitioning to the tech industry. While at Columbia, Carrie did research for the History Lab’s Freedom of Information Archive using advanced natural language processing and machine learning tools. She has also previously worked as a software engineer for the New York Times Machine Learning Platform before starting BAXUS with Todd. Carrie is passionate about data security and excited to help realize practical uses for blockchain technology.

Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

Curious about who is working behind the scenes at BAXUS?